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A Glimpse of Mason, Ohio

Mason, Ohio was named after a Revolutionary War veteran, William Mason, who bought 640 acres of land in 1803.  He didn't actually lay out the lots for his village of Palmira until later and it wasn't until after his death in 1832 that the village was established as Mason, Ohio.  Palmira was already recorded elsewhere in Ohio!

Mason remained a farming community until 1970 when it was incorporated and became the city of Mason with less than 5,700 residents.  Now there are in excess of 25,000 residents, approximately 500 businesses, and covers 11,200 acres. (See "Around Mason, Ohio, A Story" by Rose Marie Springman).

From the view of a realtor, just trying to help people find a friendly community to be a part of, Mason is just that.  I personally think that Mason was well-designed, has a great school system, is well-zoned and is easy to navigate.  Mason also has a very good industrial tax base which helps the financing of amenities and it is well landscaped so that there are lots of trees and pretty landscapes.

There is something here for everyone, not just new suburbs for young families, but biking trails and amenities for the young and unattached.  There are also some really nice lifestyle communities within easy access to shops, movies, gyms, etc for those of us who are older.  The demographics are diverse and the real estate ranges from modest rentals and small homes to big impressive mansions on lakes that prove that the well to do don't only want old mansions on acreage but want to be part of a creative new community.

I think that this is truly a neighborhood in which to raise a family and grow old!

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