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Here is your Moving Checklist

When you move addresses, you need to send change of address to:

The Post Office, other government agencies that you do business with, institutions banks or people who pay you or owe you, credit card companies, subscriptions and friends and family.

Be sure to contact:

  • Local bank and arrange to have money transferred to your new future bank. Take out money and have it converted to travellers checks and cash. Close out local accounts
  • Utilities:  Arrange to have gas & electric, cable, TV, water, telephone, fuel etc. transferred to the new owner and get the final reading for payment.  You may be entitled to get a refund of deposit, check to be sure. Arrange for immediate service in new town.
  • Automobile: Transfer car title, registration, driver's license, motor club memberships.
  • School:  Ask for copies or transfer of childrens' records.
  • Medical: Ask doctor, dentist and pharmacist for referrals.
  • Route Men:  Laundry, paperboy, milkman, dry cleaners, cancel or transfer services to new owners.
  • Organizatons:  Transfer memberships (Houses of worship, clubs, gyms, civic organizatons, childrens organizations such as Brownies, Scouts etc., political organizations) Get a letter of introduction for your new location.
  • Pets:  Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, and tags.  Take copies of X-rays and other veterinary documents and records for your new vet and get a referral for your new location.
  • Subscriptions should be forwarded to new address. This often takes 4 weeks - sorry!
  • Insurance: notify new location for coverages, life, health, fire, auto. Also purchase moving insurance - mover's liability for lost/damaged goods will not equal replacement costs.
And don't forget to:
  • Empty freezer
  • Plan to eat all the food
  • Defrost freezer-refrigerator. (Place charcoal or baking soda to dispel odors).
  • Have appliances serviced for moving.
  • Clean rugs or clothing, before moving and have them "moving wrapped".
  • Pack a box of must-have for travelling and arriving at your new home, (paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper, soap, couple of towels, basic cleaning supplies, headache medicine!).

Check with your moving counselor for:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Packing and unpacking labor
  • Arrival day
  • Various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment.
  • Plan for special care needs of infants.
  • Plan garage sale.


  • Have your car serviced for travel.
  • Remember personal things left to be fixed, framed, bank deposit box, layaway, repair shop etc.
  • And on moving day:  Carry currency, jewelry, documents for yourself: or use registered mail.
  • Plan for transporting pets. (They are poor traveling companions if unhappy).  Make sure you can be found if they become lost.
  • Carry traveler's checks for quick available funds.  Tell close friends or relatives your route and schedule (including overnight stops). Use them as "message headquarters."
  • Double check closets, drawers, shelves (to be sure they are empty).  Leave all old keys needed by the new tenants or owners, with agent or Realtor.

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