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Your Home's Assessment Value for Tax Purposes

For any Cincinnati homeowner, this information regarding home assessment value could be very valuable for you.


The Hamilton County Auditor's office will be notifying owners of their new property values by mail during December. 

When you receive this, if you think your home's assessed value is too high, you will have an opportunity to appeal to have your home's re-assessed value.  Below are the links to the "Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property" forms for each of the major four counties:

Each county's policies may differ, so be sure to check your respective county auditor website for re-assessment policy and current assessment values.  Depending on where you reside, visit either:

Each of these websites contains their own navigation, however, they each have a property search feature, either by address, parcel ID, or owner's name.  Once you've found your property, you can view your value history and see your property tax breakdown (land value + improvements value = total value).

If your county is re-assessing property values and you think your new re-assessed value is too high, feel free to contact us and we'll give you an idea of whether you are correct.

If you want to appeal, there is a process of doing this and we recommend that you have a professional appraisal completed.  We have appraisers that can help you with this, give us a call!

Interested in a discounted Re-Assessment Appraisal?  Follow the link for information.

Re-assessment Dispute Deadline Quickly Approaching!