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Is NOW The Time To Buy A Home Or Should I Wait?

The Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors recently published a Question & Answer article about whether or not now is the time to buy a home.  It contains some really great information for homebuyers.  There are 4 questions posed:

  • Will home prices get better if I wait?
  • Will mortgage rates be lower if I wait?
  • Will I have a wider choice of homes if I wait?
  • Is there any particular reason, as a First-Time Buyer, why I should buy now?

To see the answers to these questions, view the Homebuyer's Guide from the CABR.

If you're really interested in what your neighborhood market is doing right now and you'd like to get an idea of the values in your area, use our Neighborhood Market Snapshot to become more informed.  You can use an interactive map to:

  • Gauge market trends
  • Find out what sold most recently and for how much
  • View homes with photos to better assess market conditions
  • Understand how homes compete with one another