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ALL Chimneys Need To Be Inspected Every Year!!!

Most people don't believe that they need to have their chimneys inspected if they aren't actually using the chimneys.

However, this is not altogether true.  Everybody assumes that chimneys only become dangerous if you are using them.  Then they decide to have a fire in a fireplace that is virtually never used, and therefore never inspected, and the chimney catches fire, a family of birds is displaced, and a lot of damage could have been avoided.

This is the problem, birds love to nest in chimneys, so do squirrels and sometimes you don't even know it.  In addition, chimneys often deteriorate.  Cracks form and this allows sparks to ignite wood framing.  An annual inspection will find all these issues and your local bird population and you will be safe!

Dirty chimneys, caused by wood burning fires are really dangerous especially if you are burning pine wood.  Hardwood is the best but creosote is always deposited to some extent and it burns really well.

A basic inspection will cost around $150 to $300 and will take between 60 and 90 minutes.   

The Chimney Sweep will ask about past problems, turn off fuel-burning appliances that vent into the chimneys, he'll use drop cloths in the work area and he'll inspect the chimney and flashing.  He'll clean the chimney and tidy the firebox, empty the clean out below the vents for the furnaces and water heaters, and note any problems.

If there are cracks, loose mortar, gaps in the mortar be sure to take care of having this fixed before using a fire or venting anything up the chimney.


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