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Cincinnati's Early Economic History

Early in the history of Cincinnati, prior to 1850, Cincinnati developed a multitude of industries including Boat Building, Breweries, Furniture and of course, Corn and Pigs.

The climate and the ground here in Cincinnati are particularly good for growing corn but the amount of corn produced was way more than the local population could consume and corn is not easy to transport over such hilly terrain.

Feeding the corn to the pigs was a very good way of making use of this abundant raw material.  And the pigs could walk themselves to the slaughter house to produce meat, sausage, leather, and fat for soap!!

Later, industries that became valuable in Cincinnati included Piano and Organs, Soap including harness and saddle soap, clothing and shoe factories, church bells and milling and machinery construction and in the 1940's WLW radio, which was heard all over the country on a clear day.

These industries spread the word about Cincinnati, and the diversification helped Cincinnati be successful no matter what the economy!  The industrial base in Cincinnati is diverse and important.  It's a home for many internationally important household names.  A thriving city, attracting new residents from all over this country and from other countries far and wide.

Cincinnati really is a quiet town with important city amenities and known all over the world!