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March is coming! It's nearly time for the Residents to come looking for housing!

Clifton is the "in" place for Residents who are coming to the hospitals at the University for their Residency or Fellowship!

They can be close, find something with charm within walking distance of a business district with cafes and a great movie theatre.  Not that they will have any time for that though.  Most Residents move into their home and never again see it in daylight.  Landlords love residents and fellows because they are hardly ever home and when they are, they are asleep! 

We want these highly trained young people to stay in Cincinnati, to bring expertise to our city and to enjoy the affordable housing and lifestyle.  Where else can you see Ballet, and hear our great Opera company and top ten Symphony Orchestra for such affordable prices, and easy parking for next to nothing. It is easy to sell Cincinnati! We're looking forward to a new crop of budding Doctors. Call us, we'll help you with a great place to lease or to buy!

Carol Meadows 513.766.3878