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Clifton History

In 1825, Charles Clarkson bought 600 acres for a farm and called it Clifton. Within 5 years the farm had been repossessed by the bank and had been sub-divided, mostly into 10 acres parcels for the movers and shakers of Cincinnati to develope as summer homes.

When I read this, it blew me away! These summer homes are the castles that you see tucked away off the road in Clifton Gaslight! The 10 acre parcels have been sold off for infill housing mostly in the 1930's. Those small streets like Rawson Woods Circle are the 1930's infill housing from a 10 acre parcel that came to grief during the Great Depression. That infill housing now is what creates such architectural diversity in Clifton.

Clifton, of course, is dominated by the University of Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati State and the hospitals.  The inhabitants of Clifton are of course primarily employed working in these institutions although because there are so many well-educated and interesting people living in Clifton, others want to live there too.

The University of Cincinnati is the second oldest municipal university in the country and began in 1858 as the McMicken School of Art and Design downtown. Charles McMicken was a wealthy tradesman and left his estate in Clifton to the city for a University.  It started in Woodward High School before moving in 1895 to its current position.  The University merged with other institutions, such as The College conservatory of Music, The Design, Art and Architecture Department, Ohio college of applied Science, and grew until its present size.

Clifton improved its prominence in education when Hebrew Union College , keeper of the Dead Sea Scrolls, relocated from downtown and the former vocational high school expanded into Cincinnati State.

Now Clifton is a vibrant, interesting community with an eclectic business district catering to many different ethnic people. There is a multi-plex movie theatre, book shops, banks and grocery stores. There are lots of activities for children, a thriving library with a children's program, all sorts of theatre and music opportunities at the University, one of the best Cincinnati Public Magnate Schools, Fairview German Bi-Lingual, a swimming club for Clifton Residents, one of the best winter sledding runs at Mt. Storm Park, lots of art and music shows at the University and of course you can buy tickets to all the UC Sports activities.  All you need to enjoy an interesting life is here in Clifton, without  even the need of a car!

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