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Watching The Home Buying Decision Process Is Painful

As a professional Real Estate Agent, it is sometimes a painful experience to watch how people make decisions over expensive assets like a house.  Often my gut feeling, with 20+ years of experience, is usually right.  I get a really good sense about which house is the best, has the best value and has the best chance of moving up the ladder in appreciation.

Usually that's not what a buyer is thinking.  God only knows what they are actually thinking.  They are most often very confused, frustrated and looking at issues that have nothing at all to do with value and appreciation.

In fact, I think that there is an analogy between how people pick houses and how they pick a spouse.  They almost always pick a spouse for the way they look on the ouside and of course their money/career prospects etc...and they think they can change the inside and we all know that almost never works well!  So people pick houses for the money, what they look like on the ouside and the neighborhood and think that they can change the inside. That is hard to do, fraught with work and disappointment and the buyers almost always have to "settle" because the expense of getting it to be perfect is almost always too much. 

So I am wondering what would you actually "settle" for and wouldn't it be better to focus in on this right away?  I bet that if you make a list of the things about a house that you would "settle" for, you'll also get a few happy surprises when you actually buy. Sort of like picking a nerdy husband or an ugly wife.  Isn't there a song about that?  "Get An Ugly Girl To Marry You"?