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Check Your Dryer Vents!

Forty percent of all house fires are caused by dryer vents that are clogged.

This means you need to check and make sure that the dryer vents are venting freely.

How to check?  Run the dryer and then lift up the little flat on the outside of your house and make sure that there is lots of air coming out.  Also check the hose and make sure it is NOT plastic.  All dryer vents should be aluminum.  They need to not be crushed like a pancake and they need to have a fairly straight shot to the vent on the outside of the house, so that the air flow is unimpeded.

It is important to look at the exit of the dryer vent on the outside of the house because this is a perfect place for birds to build their nests; it's all warm and cozy for them and they should be very unwelcome guests!

If your vent is not running well, there is a great risk of the dryer catching fire because it is overheating.  This will also cause it to be very inefficient when running. So make sure to get the duct cleaned on a regular basis, probably once a year.

Call Jim Keck with Ductz (513.245.8040) and get a bid.  You should probably have him check out your HVAC ducts at the same time, you'd be very scared if you knew what could be lurking in your ductwork!

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