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Extend the Life of Appliances

Courtesy of Tom & Tracey Capuano with Pillar to Post Home Inspections:  

These tips reveal how you can get more years out of your oven and delay the need to replace a little longer.

Average Life Span: Gas -17 Years, Electric - 15 years

Protect the control panel

  • Most stoves made in the last 15 years break down too soon due to the control panel. Why? Because the panel is behind the back burners which causes it to overheat. To nix this problem heat large pots on the front burners only. Extend stove life: 3 years

Prevent cracks

  • If your stove has radiant or halogen burners, always place a pot on the burner before you turn it on. A cold pot coming in contact with a hot burner can crack the stove top, requiring a costly repair.

Wipe up spills fast

  • Leaving splattered food or grease inside an oven significantly boosts the heat level, adding extra stress to the unit's mechanical and electronic components, which shortens its life span. Extend stove life: 3 -5 years.

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