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First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit!

Wow! I just had my first closing on a wonderful old home, newly rehabbed very nicely, in the City of Cincinnati with a really savvy young couple and they are going to get $8000 tax credit on their taxes! Yeah!! They can use that to buy some new furniture, pay off their car payment, start a savings account!

See the Key Highlights of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

See the First Time Homebuyer Tax Comparison Chart

See Questions & Answers regarding the Tax Credit from the IRS webiste


This is such a great financial goldmine in an otherwise negative economic environment.  It is time to get yourself going and take advantage of this bonus. There has never been a time in my 20 years in the real estate business that anyone has been given this kind of gift. And the cost of the houses is at an all time low! So let's get going and take advantage of the good things this economy has to offer and buy your first piece of real estate!

First thing to do is call a lender and get yourself pre-qualified and find out what you can afford.

Gillian Meadows at Jim Humphries Mortgage 513 371 4986

Amy Karhoff at National City Mortgage 513 527 5963

Second thing is to drive around where you think you'd like to live and check out the route to work, to the grocery store and to other destinations that are important to you.

Third thing is to make a wish list of important ameneties that you absolutely have to have in your home and another list of those amenities that you would like but which are also negotiable.

Fourth thing to do to call me, Carol Meadows at Keller Williams Advisors 513 766 3878.

We'll make sure that you get a good house for the money, in a location that you'll like but that will also be a good piece of real estate at resale. This property will not only be your home but should also be the best financial investment you can make right now. So it is important that you know what you are buying.  This house should last you at least 5 years and if you have to sell it,  and you need to know that it doesn't have any major issues that cannot be overcome.

Good Luck! Go for it! Call us to help!