Gaslight Communities in the Cincinnati area

Gaslights became popular in London England in 1812 and it wasn't long after, about 1875 they were first used to light Cincinnati streets. Some have a metal circle on the side to prevent light from shining into homes at night.

Not all the gaslight communities are actually in Cincinnati, but here are all the communities within the general Cincinnati area:

First and Foremost is North Avondale. This is the largest homogeneous neighborhood of turn of the century mansions in the city of Cincinnati.

Second on my list is Clifton, also within the City of Cincinnati. There are fewer mansions here because they were originally built on 10 acre parcels.  When these estates broke up, the infill housing was of a different era. However, within Clifton there are some of the most spectaclar "Castles" built in Cincinnati.

A close third is East Walnut Hills.  Some of the most desirable mansions line the top of the hill with views out over the Ohio River; others are close to the neighboring community of O'Bryonville.

It's hard to forget Hyde Park although restraint in the elaborate design of the North Avondale and Clifton houses had taken hold by the time this neighborhood was built.  Although there are gaslight neighborhoods in Hyde Park, the houses are not so elaborate.

One neighborhood that cannot be forgotten is Glendale. This was the suburb built at the turn of the century for the top executives at Proctor and Gamble.  Built on the North West side of the city and on the rail line to Ivorydale, these homes were then within commuting distance of the soap factories. These homes are on large lots and have been well preserved.

There is a romance associated with gaslight neighborhoods. Whether it is the turn of the century stories of wealth and success or the warm glow it sheds against the beauty of the architecture, who knows. But it is highly appreciated and sought after. The homes in these neighborhoods are a lifelong obsesion and not easy on the pocket book but we love them.

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