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Why Inspecting Your Home Mechanicals is Important

Courtesy of Tom & Tracey Capuano with Pillar to Post Home Inspections:  

When we talk about "the mechanicals" in a home, what does that actually mean and why are they so important?

Simply put, the mechanicals are all the components of a house that have moving parts: the heating, cooling, ventilation, and plumbing systems. The mechanicals are important, because ultimately these are the things that are responsible for the health, hygiene and comfort of you and your family. To ensure your mechanical systems are doing their job, be aware of the following:


  • Clean and in good mechanical condition
  • No strange noises and signs of wear and tear
  • All equipment is in good physical condition
  • Exterior units are level and free of debris in the fins and housing


  • All ducts and registers are free of obstruction
  • All exterior discharge vents are protected weatherproof units


  • No damaged fixtures or fittings
  • No damaged or defective water heaters
  • No lead or galvanized piping

A thorough evaluation of the mechanicals should be part of every professional home inspection.  An evaluation of these systems from a trusted third party advisor can help give you an accurate picture of their condition.

For more advice on how to stay safe in your home, please Tom Capuano at 513.771.6689 for additional information.

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