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Home Mistakenly Auctioned By Bank: Homeowner Furious

In a recent, unbelievable story, a woman's home was mistakenly auctioned off to the highest bidder in Miami, Florida.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mistakenly auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Anna Ramirez came home from work one day last week and found all her stuff out on the lawn.  A man was also there demanding she get out of his newly purchased home.

Washington Mutual, the bank her house was financed with, accidentally auctioned her bank off to the highest bidder.  Under normal circumstances, you receive multiple warnings before you're kicked out of your house.  Not in this case, however.

Anna Ramirez simply found her belongings in the street, smashed and damaged.  A neighbor who saw the entire ordeal happen said Homestead and Miami-Dade police officers literally threw her stuff out on the front lawn.  Even Anna's husband, daughter and grandchildren were kicked out.  They had three hours to vacate the premises.

It was two days before Ramirez was able to get in front of a judge to explain what had happened.  A mistake in the Miami-Dade Clerk's office apparently is where the mishap originated.  The sale was reversed by a Miami-Dade judge and Ramirez was allowed to return home.  She will sue for damage to her furniture.  Ramirez has lived in the home for three years.

Talk about a crazy story!