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Getting Cincinnati Homes Ready for Winter

It's Fall now, and winter is just around the corner, so here is your Winter To Do List.  You need to get busy!

  • Check all storm windows and doors and repair, if necessary.
  • Make sure the storm windows are in the correct, completely closed position.
  • Make sure that your old, wood window sashes fit tightly and consider sealing them closed for the winter.  If you have insulated windows, make sure they lock as this will not only provide security but also closes them tightly.
  • Clean out the gutters and make sure they are not leaking.  Make sure the downspouts are in good condition, running free and clear to prevent ice dams in winter.
  • Turn off all the hose bibs and drain them. Coil up your garden hose, draining it as you go and put it away in the garage or basement.
  • Stack up your firewood for winter fires but MAKE SURE IT IS NOT ADJACENT TO THE HOUSE or worse still, it should NEVER be inside the house. Termites live in firewood.  You don't want them making a new home in yours.
  • Cut back any ivy that is growing up the house (it's a conduit for termites).
  • Put bleach down the floor drains in the basement.  This fills up the trap but is also pretty inhospitable to bugs that live in the sewer that may be looking for new quarters for the winter.
  • Make sure that the baffles in the furnace ductwork has the majority of air going to the first floor.  Hot air rises! (When using A/C, baffles should be reversed. Cold air falls.)
  • Check the insulation in the roof and make sure that you have enough, now is the time to add more!  Also check the insulation in the attic and around doors, if necessary.
  • While you are in the attic, make sure that there are no holes that racoons or squirrels could use. These pesky rodents are always looking for a warm place to hang out during the winter and once they put their name on a place, it is very hard to evict them.
  • Have your furnace serviced and buy filters ready for a clean one every month throughout the winter.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detector or buy a new one.
  • Check the smoke alarms and buy new batteries.
  • Have your chimneys cleaned, fireplaces and also water heater and or furnace.
  • Make sure your roof is going to be good for another winter. If we get snow piling up, you could be in trouble.
  • Clean beneath porches.  It will discourage animals from making a winter home.
  • Stock up on salt for your driveway and walkways.
  • Seal your driveway.
  • Exercise your circuit breakers.
  • Bleed hot water heaters.

Call us at 513.766.3878 or email us for if you have other ideas to prepare your home for winter.  Please also give us your contractor and handyman recommendations.  We're compiling an online list of the Best Contractors according to our clients.

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