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How To Choose a Realtor

19 Questions to ask a Realtor and what these questions tell you:


  • How long have you been in the Real Estate Sales business?
  • Do you work as a full time Realtor?
  • Do you have a written Marketing Plan for the sale of my home?                                                                                                              
  • Can I terminate this listing if I am not pleased with your service?
  • Do you have a decorator who have help me prepare my house and stage it for sale?
  • How often will I be updated on the activity on my property and will that activity include information on the hits on the MLS website?
  • On how many websites will my house be featured?
  • Who handles calls about your listings on the weekends?
  • Who provides information regarding my house to callers on the weekends or when you are out of the office and are they licensed?
  • What is your current sale price to list price ratio?
  • What is your average Days on Market?      
  • How many transactions do you do annually?         
  • Do you have Buyer Agents who work on your team?    
  • May I see your letters of recommendation from past clients?   
  • Do you have the MLS available on your personal website, do the leads from that website go directly to you?            
  • Does your company have its own out of town referral network?  
  • How many months supply of homes in my neighborhood is there?
  • Is the number of buyers decreasing each month?
  • Is the median sale price increasing or decreasing currently?

What do the answers to these questions tell you?

It is better to hire an agent who has been in the business at least 5 years.  They are proficient at negotiating and are adept at problem solving.  The sale price to list price ratio is the proof that they are proficient at negotiating and the average days on the market will tell you if they understand where the buyers are and how to reach them.

If an agent has been in the business full time for five years, they should have at least a full-time licensed agent assistant.  If they don't, you have to wonder how many deals they are doing and why don't they need at least an assistant to handle the administrative work. Usually an agent can handle 30 real estate deals a year on their own.  After that point, they won't be giving the service you'd want without a full-time administrative assistant.

Knowing where the buyers are coming from requires them to understand the need for lots of websites and the ability to pick up the buyers themselves from the websites.  Many of the real estate companies have a corporate website and the individual agent that you may hire does not have access to the buyer leads from that website quickly and sometimes never.  This real estate agent will find it hard to pick up buyers for your house.

These days, buyers are searching for a home on the web and won't contact an agent for help until they have found what they want.  The ability to contact these buyers early on in their search allows an agent to encourage these buyers to look at their own listings.  This is the Realtor who will get your house sold quicker! 

A corporate out of town real estate referral network will help your agent find a buyer for your home, in this market it is helpful to have this additional help. 

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