Mariemont: One of the Top 10 Great Neighborhoods Nationwide!

Everyone in Cincinnati knows that Mariemont is one of their great neighborhoods, now all of the USA knows it too!

Mary Emery, one of Cincinnati's many philanthropists and widow of a wealthy Cincinnati real estate developer, was the catalyst for the project of Mariemont. She worked with John Nolen, the town planner of Cambridge, Massachusetts who had helped plan many very successful suburban communitites in the United States. Mariemont has about 300 acres of land for housing for 3,000 people.

The focus of a business district with shops, a hotel, restaurants, cafes and a very popular movie theatre and housing originally designed for working class Americans was a great idea that Middle-class Cincinnatians love.

The high prices are now close to $1 million; not quite working class. The choice of those that can afford these great houses is based largely on the fact that the Mariemont school system is so desirable and successful.

The houses have many variations on the 1920s architecture, and are built on small lots with garage space. The village is compact enough that you can easily walk or bike virtually anywhere. Tall trees, colorful landscaping, and everything is clean and neat!

Mariemont Preservation Foundation, founded in 1980 has been instrumental in helping the village secure the National Historic Landmark designation in 2007 and has programs that foster the village's unique planning and arhitecture.

Mary Emery's idea was to imitate the English Garden City which was being built around that time and was vastly popular. And this could be an English village if only it had a few more pubs, a village green for weekend cricket and a darts team. Oh well. It's close!