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Interested in Your Neighborhood Housing Market?


With access to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, I will provide you with what you need to:

  • Gauge market trends
  • Find out what sold most recently and for how much
  • Understand how homes compete on price with other properties selling in the area
  • View homes for sale with photos to better assess the market conditions

We know this is hard to visualize.  That's why we've created Hyde Park's Market Snapshot and Newport KY Market Snapshot for you to view as a sample.  This is current market data for Hyde Park and Newport.

Here are some specifics about the Market Snapshot:

Interactive Map Features

  • Access to road, aerial, and bird's eye view.  You can actually see the neighborhood from any angle from a few hundred yards above in the sky.
  • Green labeled homes are Active listings, Blue are Newly listed, and Red are recently Sold homes
  • To access listing details, hover your cursor over the listing.  A pop up box of the listing will appear with a link to view details. You can receive detailed information about that particular home (ex. asking price, selling price, days on market, and property features)

Active & Sold Inventory

  • Beneath the map is a list of up to 100 active and sold listings for the neighborhood
  • The map automatically populates with only 10 listings, so click any of the homes on the list and the map will expand beyond the initial 10 to show a broader visual list of inventory

Time Sensitive Information

  • Above the graphs on the right hand side is a drop down that lets you select the inventory time frame.  You can choose the last three months, last thirty days, or the last week's worth of inventory. You have all the power.

Graphs & Statistics

  • The graphs included compare asking versus sold prices, time on market, and inventory statistics. You are able to see exactly what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

The last item to note is the Market Snapshot will only show homes that fit the criteria you initially entered either as the seller or buyer, so not every home will appear on the map.  You can also edit how often you receive an updated Snapshot, two, four, six, or eight weeks.  You also have the ability to access old Snapshots of yours for comparison purposes.

Click "Cincinnati & N.KY Snapshot" at the top of the page to sign up!

I can also answer any pressing questions you may have.  Please don't hesitate to contact us!  513.766.3878 or Email The Meadows Team.