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Everything You Need to do to Move

So you've listed your house or accepted a purchase contract! Now you're thinking about all the things you have to do to move! We've done it for you! Read on!

Checklist of materials needed (note: buying moving supplies online can save you money):

  • Contractor strength garbage bags and regular trash bags
  • Packing tape and tape guns
  • Bubble wrap
  • Permanent markers
  • Boxes and box cutters
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Newspaper and tissue
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Protect your back and borrow or rent a handcart or dolly to roll heavy items

8 weeks before moving day:

  • Start getting estimates from moving companies
  • If you can't drive your stuff yourself, get estimates from truck rental companies
  • Buy a move notebook. Chose one that has a secure place or folder for scraps of paper so that you can keep absolutely everything related to your move in here
  • Re-direct your family's paper trail. Have school records transferred to your kid's new school. Transfer any memberships to clubs or religious organizations.  See The New Address Checklist
  • Get your new house up to speed. Is the roof, plumbing or painting in good shape?  Now is the perfect time to have the carpenter, plumber or contractor in to do work.
  • Consider having a garage sale to get rid of clutter and help defray the expenses of moving your stuff. Try to sell the more valuable items first so that you don't lose money because you are holding a last-minute moving sale.

6 weeks before moving day

  • Eat up the food that you have in your old house and it won't go to waste. Don't forget to use up any cleaners that are unsafe to transport
  • If you are moving to a new area, ask your doctors and dentist for referrals and have them transfer your records. Don't forget to ask your pet's vet for recommendations too
  • Clean out your closets and don't be afraid to let go of stuff. It is a lot easier to throw something out when you are faced with packing it up and lugging it somewhere new
  • Figure out if you are going to need to store anything and get pricing estimates for this
  • Order a new ID tag for your pet with your new address on it
  • Order your packing supplies

4 weeks before moving day

  • This is it. Start packing boxes. Begin with all the items you don't use every day. Set a goal to pack a box or two a day and you'll be surprised how much you'll get done in advance
  • As you are packing, remember you are also going to have to lift these boxes so don't pack them too full
  • Reserve your rental truck if you are driving your belongings
  • Register your change of address with the post office via mail or online
  • Make an appointment to shut off your phone and utilities. You are going to want to have these services on moving day so choose the day after you move to shut them off
  • Organize all your important papers: birth, marriage certificates, passports, financial records and insurance. Find a folder to carry them with you while you move. Don't forget your safety deposit box
  • Check to see if you need car insurance if you are moving to a new state
  • Put local serivces like cleaning people, landscaping services, etc. on notice

The last two weeks before moving day

  • Call a charity and set up a pick up for all the items you want to donate
  • Check the condition of your car; you may need to get it serviced
  • Delegate.  Assign each family member to be in charge of certain rooms. Accept all the help you can get
  • Think locally, have you returned library books, closed local charge accounts, picked up dry cleaning, picked up shoes from the menders, closed neighborhood bank accounts, cancelled all newspaper and other deliveries?
  • Get rugs and curtains cleaned so they are nice and clean for your new house
  • Drain garden hoses and any power tools of oil and gas
  • Disconnect your big appliances. Defrost your freezer/fridge
  • Get rid of all old AC window units and paint

Moving day 

  • Empty all the garbage cans so that the movers do not move garbage
  • Carry all your important papers with you in a secure folder. Include the mover's contract and inventory. Put your most valuable jewelry in a travel case and keep it in your purse
  • Stay with the movers until they have finished packing up everything
  • Even in all the hustle and bustle, be sure to carefully read over the mover's paperwork and inventory before you sign it
  • Do one last walk through to make sure you did not forget anything. Check the garage and walk around the outside of the house
  • Remember money to tip the movers if you are happy with the job

Have fun! You are on your way!

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