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North Avondale: An Amazing Mansion District, Only Better!

North Avondale is really a happening place.  It's homogenously historic! Sometimes I walk around the neighborhood and wonder what this was like when the houses were under construction.  Where did all those craftsmen live?  Where did they come from?  Most of them I am sure came over in a ship from Europe.  German wood carvers, stainedglass makers, stonemasons, and landscapers.  They may have started their lives in Europe but they left their lives here in these houses to be admired by all of us for decades.

Some of these craftsmen's work has appeared on display in the Cincinnati exhibit at the Art Museum.  Unbelievable quality of craftsmanship.  Huge 9000 sq ft mansions which have no signs of settlement.  Just as true today as they were the day the first family moved in.  We have lived in North Avondale for over 20 years and over the years every family who has lived in our house since the 1940's has arrived one day on our doorstep!  So we've heard a lot of the history and I have many quiet moments wondering what the original family was like, how many children they had, who their servants were and how many horses and carriages they had in the carriage house.  I have no doubt that they were happy.  How could you not be happy with so much beauty and hard work around you every day?

The landscaping in North Avondale has survived the newer small garden themes. North Avondale has no utility lines on the street. The utility lines are run in to the houses, often undergroud from the back yards, so the streetscape trees don't get tangled in the utitlity lines, they haven't been cut back to grotesque shapes by the energy companies. There are still the huge trees, probably as old as the neihborhood itself, and the trees are grown in the front yard and not on the verge of the sidewalk which has been reserved for the original gas lamps. North Avondale is truly a gaslight community!

And North Avondale doesn't have some of the amenities that Clifton and Hyde Park enjoy, like their business district.  But the people of North Avondale know one another, they are out walking their dogs, or just taking in the air at all hours, and all the weather!  There is always talk of the politics of the day, of the activities of the children, of what new heating system someone has bought or some new conservation method one of us has found to be helpful in reducing the energy consumption of these old homes.  Or even what new book the book club is going to be reading, which progressive dinner you have been invited to and whether there is going to be a Labor Day barbecue.

North Avondale is a small town, with worldwide interests, and close to the city, the cutting edge of research and medicine and the tolerance to let the neighbors view be heard.

If you are relocating to Cincinnati, this is a neighborhood you must visit.  There are very few houses here on sale, but if there is one, you should look at it and wonder if you could also be a part of its history.

The Carol Meadows Team at Keller Williams Advisors Realty specializes in old historic homes in the City of Cincinnati. We've been in business over 20 years so we know a lot about most Cincinnati towns and villages, new and old.   But we're a sucker for the charm of craftsmanship of the late 1800s and early 1900s.