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Preparing Your Home for Sale

So you are planning to sell your house and you want it to sell for the most amount of money as quickly as possible!  What can you do to maximize the likelihood that this will happen, especially in a buyers market?

The first thing to realize is that nowadays buyers research potential houses to buy on the internet.  So if your house doesn't look good on the internet, it won't even get shown at all.  Therefore, the first line of attack is to make your house fit the criteria of most buyers in your price range.

Neutral sells well. Get rid of the clutter. If buyers aren't able to focus on the room and are busy looking at the clustered clutter, they won't buy the house. Buyers need to have a clean slate to imagine themselves and their stuff in your home in order to get emotionally involved in the house.

There is so much inventory on the market, your photos on the internet have to draw in the buyers to get the showings. If you are in any doubt of this, look at the current market statistics on this website and the over 2 years inventory quickly convince you!

Here is a list of what most people buy:

  • Curb appeal - Your house must look attractive and well-maintained from the outside.
  • Paint/repair the trim and front door
  • Clean out the gutters and make sure they are draining properly
  • Clip the shrubbery neatly
  • Mulch and edge the flower beds
  • Plant flowers
  • Put a container near the front door with brightly colored flowers and maintain them
  • Cut back dead wood from the trees
  • Re-seed the lawn and keep it neatly cut
  • Repair any concrete work
  • Repair and/or seal the driveway.
  • Inside, walls & trim
  • Remove all wallpaper and  paint
  • Make sure that all the colors are neutral.
  • The colors that people prefer are those used by furniture and home suppliers in their magazines.
  • The trim is usuallly a neutral color.
  • Floors
  • Refinish the hardwood if it needs it.
  • Replace old carpet and keep it neutral.
  • Replace vinyl  and ceramic if it needs it, again keep it neutral.
  • Doors - Consider replacing old hollow core doors with 6 panel doors
  • Light Fixtures - Consider replacing old dated light fixtures
  • Inspect, Inspect Inspect - Consider having a whole house inspection and fix all the safety and major issues that come up.
  • Staging - Last but not least, call us for a list of Cincinnati decorators who can help you rearrange your furniture to make your house look as inviting as it can be.  A good staging decorator will give you the exact light fixtures to buy, will give you paint swatches and a list of what you need to do, or they'll take on the whole job themselves and just send you the bill!  However in general, if they are using your furniture, this is not expensive and will help your house compete in this market.
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