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Pricing Your Home to Sell

Cincinnati is no different than anywhere in the US when it comes to pricing your home to sell.

When we were in an up market, if houses were a little over-priced, all we had to do was wait a few weeks and it would be priced right and would sell! Now the situation is so different.

Nowadays Realtors and Sellers put the price on the real estate but the market determines the value of the property!

And as the value of the market continues to drop, the price of your home has to also.  The price that you put on your home today is just a snap shot in time. The market will tell you whether in fact it is priced to sell. If the buyers don't come to visit, it is operpriced and if lots of buyers come to visit but make no offer, it is still overpriced.

Buyers of Real Estate in Cincinnati shop on the Internet. 

The days of scouring the Sunday newspaper are over! Buyers are looking on the Internet weeks before they actually go out and look at houses. By the time they actually go and look at houses, they have a pretty good idea of what they are entitled to expect in any given price range. If your house doesn't fit their criteria, they won't even go and look at it. You will need to scale down your price until you fit into a lower price range in order to reach a different set of buyers. Old houses are much more difficult to put a price on. It depends on many factors over and above size and location and these factors often don't allow your home to make the internet cut!

If you own an old house, you may also be competition with old houses in many different neighborhoods within the city of Cincinnati! 

So if your house is not selling, you can improve your amenities or lower the price but deciding on the house by comparing it to other houses just in your neighborhood, may not be an accurate benchmark on which to make a decision. Knowing where buyers of old houses are shopping and why, is also imperative.

If you're thinking about selling your home, our Market Snapshot Tool can be a great way for you to gauge your neighborhood's values and trends.  This is, by far, the best Real Estate tool we've seen to date.


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