Cats Marking YOUR Territory...and What To Do

Here's a true story (and real e-mail) to the owner of an investment property in Cincinnati describing a quite interesting scenario:

"Hello Mr. Potential Millionaire,

I will officially be able to describe my day as "weird" after sending this email.

There is a mother cat and her kittens living under your deck. Cute? Right?

Anyway - the cat is apparently a fairly hot commodity in the neighborhood because the tom cats are peeing all over your house to mark their territory!

So...cats peeing outside is not really newsworthy, except that your tenants have a cat. And, when males mark, their urine is particularly pungent - and it is unique to each, and it makes other cats become territorial and mark the same spots and then some!

Your tenants got in touch with me because their cat is going insane from the marking! So, you see it becomes a cumulative thing... and a biological imperative.  Even a neutered male will feel compelled to mark under these circumstances.

I used to volunteer at a feral-cat shelter. I come by this expertise honestly! So - I have to advise you, as your property manager, that you should take steps to neutralise the odor on the outside in order to save the inside of your house. Cat urine is a nasty thing, it ruins carpets and can even damage hardwood floors.

It shouldn't be particularly costly to manage this - just that when my clients see Critter Gitters itemised on their statements, they panic! We are not talking boa constrictors here.

Let me know how much you want to know about this or if you just want me to take care of it.

Victoria Meadows, 513.766.3898"