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Radical rehabs to create value

In this market where you have to be perceived as the best value, it may be the best time to make some radical changes.  Here are a few ideas:

Raise the roof - Especially if you have a ranch style home, raising the ceiling in the living room to the pitch of the roof may seem like a huge cost but in most cases it is actually very reasonable and makes a huge difference to feeling of space. You could also do this in the master bedroom!

Knock down walls - This works really well in turn of the century homes where the dining room is completely separate from the kitchen. In the good old days where women knew their place was making gourmet dinners and somehow magically produced them at a very formal dinner party, this may have been good. But nowadays women have careers and when there is cooking to be done it is almost always a co-operative event often including friends and relatives. So having an extended kitchen/dining room makes a lot of sense.

Total Renovation of Your Kitchen and/or Master Bedroom - These are the two most viewed rooms on listed homes on the internet. These are the rooms that are going to be the deciding factor for buyers in this market place.  Check out the latest and greatest at upscale builders homes. The latest trend in cabinetry doesn't have to be custom, the $300 faucet that a builder would use, doesn't have to be the one you choose. My advice is: look at the price of your home and decide whether the most expensive is needed or not. Maybe it is a going to be a look alike but not the most expensive manufacturer.

Add a Master Bath, A beautiful deck overlooking the woods - Today, in this economy everyone is working harder than ever to stay where they were a few years back in terms of disposable income. Everyone is feeling the pinch. So when you come home from work, small indulgences are the trend. A little luxury ice cream treat, a soak in a luxurious bathtub with scented candles, some quiet time on the deck watching the sun going down....

Re-seed, re-grow your lawn, mulch - Curb appeal is the first thing that buyers see when they walk up to your front door. The grass needs to be healthy, green, edged and the flower beds need to be mulched.

Updating an older home can be a lot of fun and rewarding too! There is always the charm factor that sucks people into older neighborhoods, and in Cincinnati there is the attraction of being able to walk to shops, cafes and restaurants. However, there is always the maintenance factor, so if you can get your home to the point where it looks as though all the maintenance has been done and the home has the right look, you are on your way to attracting the buyers when you are ready to sell!

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