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For Those of Our Investors: Is It Time to Trade Up?

With all the extra money we are paying out to cope with all the major issues at hand, the government is going to try and lean on "Rich Americans".  So how high could your tax rate go?

Some estimates have it over 60% but probably only on the highest portion of your income.  Even so, it will be difficult to keep ahead of the game and grow wealth with that kind of burden, or will it?

I'm no accountant but I know a lot of wealthy Americans who pay very little taxes and often it is because of their investment real estate holdings.  When you hold real estate as an investment, you gain income from the leases, but the tax deductions are many and varied!  So often while on paper you can be making a loss, in actuality the tenants are buying the properties for you and then some!

Check this out with your accountant and then give us a call at 513.766.3878.  We specialize in helping "Rich Americans" grow real wealth in a bad market.  It's the American Way, isn't it?

NEW!  We just received some great information on Like-Kind Exchanges.  We hope you find the information useful.

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