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Replacing Doors in Historic Homes

I have been researching custom carpenters lately and have found that nothing is cheap in an old historic home!  This is a door that doesn't fit the dimensions of anything in stores like Home Depot and Lowes.  So I'm asking everyone I know what they know about this project.  Of course this is a job for someone really skilled.  This particular door is an exterior door built in quarter sawn oak and is quite heavy.  It has a square plate glass window and panels on the lower half.

The storm door on the outside which we had custom built (not very well I might add), has rotted away. This is example of us not doing our research and not keeping an eye on how it was to be made.  The panels were not pre-primed before assembling the pieces and when the water seaped in the nooks and crannies it just rotted the door out from the inside. So we thought long and hard about whether we were going to have that custom made also.

The outcome is that we have found a carpenter that we like.  We also finally decided to buy a storm door from Home Depot.  It will be a special order just because of the size.  There is an insulated glass insert and a screen insert, and either can be removed when required.  It comes in just the right color to match the trim paint and I think it will allow the exterior door to be seen and will keep out the drafts which is what we want.

More to come on Old Historic Homes!

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