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Remodeling Your Home?

Everyone wonders if it is worth remodeling your home prior to sale.

Will the buyer like my taste? Would they rather have some other improvement instead? Should I just offer my house at a lower price and let them deal with contractors and the mess? What gives me the most return on my investment?It's not just a matter of the money either, it's the hassle, the mess, the decisions too.

There isn't just one answer, that's the problem!

Generally speaking here in Cincinnati, you get the best return from a kitchen remodel.

But you have to spend your money on the right appliances, the right style of cabinets, the right color of tile etc.  And how bad is the existing kitching?  It could be that the cabinets are fine but the house warrants a granite counter top.

If you only have one bath and could squeeze another one in without losing a bedroom, then this would be another opportunity to make your home more appealing for sale. 

A lot of the decisions will depend on the age of the house, the price range and the condition of the current amenities. 

Give us a call or email us. We'll tell you exactly what will get you the best return and try and make the whole process easy. We have a list of contractors that our clients have recommended, so we can at least shorten that part of the equation for you.

In this market, having the house in the right kind of condition, with the right kind of amenities for the price range you are aiming at, is important.  Overspending on custom cabinetry when the market is only going to pay for good quality in stock, is a bad financial decision. If you are going to stay in the house another five years and you want this for your benefit, then have what you want but know that you may not get your money out of them at resale.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Call us at 513.766.3878, we'll help!

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