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Spring Grove Village, Small Village with Big Ideas!!!

Spring Grove Village has come a long way. The residents over the last few years have done a lot to enforce the laws, and improve the infrastructure. The homes are now in more demand and the residents are happy! Here's what's going on; it's a snapshot from the '50s!

When the public is searching Cincinnati Homes for Sale on the MLS we suggest they think of Spring Grove Village. It's the little village that can and we think it will become one of those community success stories!

David Wesenberg who is the Treasurer of the SVG  Community Council writes:

"The community newsletter, website, phone and email are our main resources for communicating with our neighborhood.

Currently we print 1,100 newsletters every month. Our goal is to get the newsletters out to everyone on or before the first of the month.  We also distribute the newsletter online at We use the website not only to distribute the newsletter but also to serve as a resource to market our little neighborhood to itself, the city, the state and the rest of the world.  Anyone can use it to find out about the latest SGV neews, to learn SGV history, to see what SGV community members are saying on the forums, to contact SGV, to donate to SGV and to go to important web links."

The sorts of activities during the summer include the Annual Bike Hike, and Picnics in the Park every month.

Spring Grove Village also has several community improvement projects such as cleaning up the litter, monitoring the air quality, Citizens on Patrol, Block Watch programs, Adopt-A-Block program, and beautification programs funded by NSP fund. If there are community funds available, Spring Grove Village is going to apply for them. The Community Council is on a mission!

This is a village to watch. It is so convenient to the expressways including I-71, I-75 North and South, the Norwood Lateral, UC and the hospitals, and Downtown. It is in a very desirable location and now that the residents are developing the pride in their neighborhood, other people will see it too. Keep your eye on this, we think that it has a lot of potential!