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Spring Home Maintenance List

Springtime is here!  Time for your Spring home maintenance list.  Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Check roof for missing or torn shingles or slates and popped nails.
  • Put a screen over chimney to keep out leaves and animals.
  • Clean gutters and ridge vents.
  • Check flashing.
  • Make sure downspouts are running free.
  • Check for termites and/or have annual inspection or treatment.
  • Have HVAC cleaned and checked.  Make sure A/C condensation line is clear and compressor is clean.
  • Put up screens, but keep in as many storms as possible to save A/C expenses.
  • "Preem" flower beds to prevent weeds.
  • Trim/prune trees and hedges.
  • Touch up paint before it gets too hot.
  • Scrub deck and seal, if needed.
  • Open outside hose bibs.
  • Repair hoses; check that sprinklers are working.
  • Fill cracks in the driveway.
  • Up for a yard sale? It can really help clean out that garage and attic!

Call us at 513.766.3878 or email us for if you have other spring maintenance ideas.  Please also give us your contractor and handyman recommendations.  We're compiling an online list of the Best Contractors according to our clients.

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