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New Buyer Technology Unveiled - VoicePad Now Available

We're so excited to share our new technology with you.  At the end of September, VoicePad was unveiled in Cincinnati.  VoicePad is a great, new service that allows YOU the buyer to find out all the MLS information about any property you'd like all from ONE PHONE NUMBER!

It's really simple.  Call 513.257.0050 anytime you drive past or see a property you're interesting in.  You then enter the house number and first letter of the street name and you're immediately given all the pertinent details.  From this point, you can be connected to the listing agent to ask more questions, or you can receive a text message with the details.

Real Estate agents know buyers don't like to be bothered over the phone until they're absolutely ready to buy.  With all the tools available to search homes these days (online saved searches, virtual tours, automatic notifications, etc) it has never been easier to reseach on your own.  VoicePad is another tool that allows you to search anything you want, whenever you want, without being bothered by listing agents you don't know!

Here's another really cool feature.  If you have the Meadows Team enter your cell phone number and email address in the VoicePad database, we can register you to ensure that no other agent will ever contact you if you use 513.257.0050.  No more being pestered with multiple callbacks from competitive agents as you now have property information available directly to your phone.  Using VoicePad, any time you want to be connected to an agent to get more information about a home for sale, you'll be connected to us!  In addition, you'll also receive an email with all the detailed information of the home you accessed over the VoicePad hotline.

Searching for a home has never been easier!  Please send us an email if you'd like to be registered in our VoicePad database.

Don't forget you can always search up-to-date listings from and you can also get your Neighborhood Market Snapshot to find out about everything happening in your neighborhood.