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Buying A Cincinnati Area Home

Experience is really about mettle testing, and the Meadows Team is the toughest brand of steel on the market.

The Meadows Team is a group of five real estate professionals, and we each bring our own life experience and background to the job. We pride ourselves on being able to work with all sorts of properties in all different neighborhoods. We have 40 combined years in the business. Carol Meadows alone has 23 years in the business

As we've aged, we've become more opinionated. We feel it's our right. Our job is most certainly to represent your interests during offer, inspections and closing; however, we feel it's just as important that we're acting as your advocate when no one but you is looking. We have a proud history of speaking up when our clients want to buy houses that won't make them happy. Or money.

Profit from our Experience.

In real estate, knowledge isn't an MBA or the ability to build a cogent spreadsheet. It is a simple function of experience and integrity.

An agent in the know must be trusted and respected by their peers. That is as rare as it is vital for your success.

When you tell us that you want a fixer-upper in Oakley, we know an agent who has the right pocket listing. If you are stepping out into the investment market, we have a huge group of investors to call upon for possible targets with established cash flow. Our network works with us because they know our reputation.

We work with professionals in a variety of fields that will help you to maximize your purchase. We are always available to you - even if it's been years since you bought your home.

Our clients are often most nervous about financing, particularly if this is their first house. We offer a comprehensive system that will get your financial house in order. Go ahead, and Gear Up to Buy.

Profit from our Knowledge

All homes are investments. You can profit from all of them, if your agent shows you where the money is.

The Meadows Team has an incontrovertible track record of success. We offer ongoing guidance on rehab, maintenance and design so that every penny you invest is multiplied when you sell. We are on the phone when interest rates go up, sales are moving, we will advise you when to stay or when to go, and then we're there to find the next great property for your portfolio and your family. Sure, we want you to use us again, and refer us to your friends and family, but we won't sugar coat our opinions.

Profit from our Integrity.

If you're interested in buying a home, click here to contact us! We can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the Cincinnati area and the current state of the Cincinnati Real Estate market.