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Cincinnati Living

Cincinnati is nearly impossible to peg - it's been described as a big city that seems like a small town.

We suppose that's as close to the mark as we'll get in one sentence. However, our city has it's very own style ... and we love it.

Cincinnati is a palpably European city. The roads were initially created to accommodate gardens and river views.

A trip to downtown Cincinnati is like a voyage back in time - many of the buildings are just as they were when the city was first developed.

At the heart of Cincinnati's downtown is Fountain Square. Built in 1829, it was deeded to be used for a marketplace.

A Lincoln-Douglas debate was staged on a hotel balcony overlooking the Fountain Square market. It was also a polling place, and served as a muster point for Union troops during the Civil War. A bloody rebellion with more than 50 butchers in 1870 ended with the Fountain Square market being demolished by force by the city of Cincinnati. The city was forced to fight, again, to clear its title to the property to build the underground parking garage at Fountain Square.

Cincinnati is a city with most of the amenities of a city. It has a the third largest symphony in the country, and Esquire magazine just voted Cincinnati as one of the "Ten Cities that Rock".

Cincinnati raises more than $10M annually with its Fine Arts Fund - this provides locals with a copious supply of performances, exhibits and classical concerts. The city also boasts a fabulous ballet, a great opera and some amazing restaurants.

The Contemporary Arts Center just re-opened in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. The CAC was one of the first institutions in the United States dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art. The new CAC promises to continue it's mission of presenting "the art of the last five minutes"

There is always something happening in Cincinnati - marathons, fundraising activities, outdoor festivals, music in the parks, huge flea markets, open air farmer's markets ... you name it, we've got it.

But, at it's heart, Cincinnati is a small town, and as such it has a lot of the small town amenities. People stop to say hello on the street, and take time to enjoy the weekends.

Most of the city neighborhoods are like vintage suburbs of the city, they have their own personalities and business districts.

Some neighborhoods are dog-walking districts, others child-walking zones, some dog-child combos, and then there are the Blackberry quadrants where random conversations take place through earpieces only.

Cincinnati is, at once, expansive and predictable. It's this dichotomy that makes the city almost impossible to leave. When there's always something new to do, why go anywhere else?

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