5 Factors That Cause Property To Go Unsold


Over history, it's been said the three things to look for in buying a property are (1) Location, (2) Location, and (3) Location.

There are positive and negative factors to almost every location. Let's pretend your property is right next door to a fire station. You need the kind of marketing professional who can sell the benefits of not having to worry about your new home burning down, or perhaps the savings on fire insurance. No matter where your property may be located, there is a ready, willing, and able buyer in the marketplace. You just have to be creative and sell the benefits.


Making a good first impression is important in getting a property sold.

Painting the front door and trim, making sure the doorbell works, putting furniture and clothing in storage, and cleaning off counter tops are just a few of the little things we suggest to our clients to make properties more marketable. We spend the extra time necessary with every client to ensure that all the little details are taken care of. It's that attention to detail that sets us apart and enables us to get properties sold.


How quickly you want to sell has a direct relationship with the price.

A very important statistic to consider in order to properly price your property is the percentage of selling price compared to the listing price. This gives you a realistic guideline as to what's really happening in the marketplace. It may not be what you want to hear. However, for an honest price analysis of your property, call us and we will share with you the price we honestly expect you to receive in today's real estate market.


Are you flexible as to possession dates? Many times serious buyers who are relocating only look at those properties which are available for immediate possession.

Willing to assist the buyer with financing? Sometimes a seller willing to assist with financing will help a property sell. Are you buying another property? If you are willing to consider trading part or all of your equity for another property, this makes your property more attractive in the marketplace. Call us directly for a complete analysis of all the terms you could offer to make your property more marketable.

The Agent and Company You Select

We pride ourselves on selling properties which other agents couldn't sell.

We understand the frustrations involved when sellers are not able to accomplish their real estate objectives. If you're serious about selling and not just listing your property, call us today. We will give you an honest evaluation of what it is going to take to get your property sold. We will share with you our proven marketing systems which have enabled us to help so many sellers accomplish their real estate objectives!