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Pillar to Post: Yard and Garden

THE HOUSE-FRIENDLY YARD AND GARDENDuring the spring and summer months, many homeowners get their garden andyard work into full swing. This month, Pillar To Post takes a look at several stepsthat homeowners can take to make their outdoor spaces and their home live compatibly.KEEP WATER AWAY FROM THE HOUSEBe sure that the ground slopes away from the house all the way around theperimeter. This ensures that any moisture from rain, snowmelt, and sprinkler systemswill be directed away from the foundation. The base of shrubs and other plantings should be kept at least 2' awayfrom the foundation to avoid potential problems with roots and drainage. Inaddition, window wells should be kept free of debris and lined with gravel to help waterdrain out of the well and into the ground. Do not leave sprinklers on for too long. Excessive water will not doplants and lawns any good, and may cause problems if there are drainage issues incertain areas.THE RIGHT PLANT IN THE RIGHT PLACEWhen a tree is growing very close to the structure, there can be potentially seriousproblems if the tree grows too tall or too wide for the space. Damage to eaves androofs can be caused by overgrowth, and there is even a danger of branches or anentire tree falling onto the home. Existing trees should be professionally prunedto lessen the potential for hazard. When planting new trees, homeowners should researchpotential "candidates" to find how large the tree will eventually grow and whatthe root pattern spread will be, then make decisions accordingly. Homeowners should also consider grouping plants that have similar waterrequirements to avoid over-watering plants that don't need as much. Not only willplants do better, but water bills will be lower over time as well.CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLANTS FOR MAINTENANCE EASESome plants end up requiring more maintenance than a homeowner expects.When selecting new planting material, homeowners should seek advice from qualifiedpersonnel at a local nursery who will know what plants will do well in their area, aswell as their growth habits and maintenance requirements. Lawns should not be mowed too short or too frequently. Allowing the bladesof grass to shade one another helps with water retention and allows grass to growin more fully. Many newer turf grasses require less mowing than older varieties,and should be considered for new lawn installations. Homeowners can find out more attheir local agricultural or extension office. These are just some of the ways homeowners can increase the enjoyment oftheir outdoor spaces while ensuring that home and yard are in good shape.Tom & Tracey CapuanoAnd Our Entire Service Team of Certified Inspectors, State Licensed Radon Testers and Customer ServiceOffice Staff Sell more homes with a Pillar To Post inspection!Home Inspections * Termite Inspections * Radon Tests * Mold Screen TestingWe Answer The Phone Seven Days A Week !Or Visit Our Web Site To Schedule Anytime Too!513-771-6689Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspection | 800 Compton Road | Suite #34| Cincinnati | OH | 45231