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"K." a special girl with a Brain Tumor Benefits from Meadows Team Grant

The Warren County United Soccer Club 1998 Blue Girls, mentioned in this forum, decided to re-donate some of their grant to what they saw as a 'higher cause'.

K. is in Kindergarten. She has two older sisters who play soccer at Warren County United Soccer Club, one of which is in the same 1998 age group, but on a different team.

K. has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. WCSC Blue 98 girls purchased 3 'Build-a-Bear' coupons for K. and her sisters from a grant they received from the Carol Meadows Team and Amy O'Connell.

Thanks to Carol Meadows and Amy O'Connell for their generosity to these girls, and in turn, the girls' willingness to share.

Warren County Soccer Club is listed on IRS Web as a Charitable Organization at