In Case of an House Emergency, Follow These Tips

In case you have an emergency at home, you'll need to know where shut off valves are located to be absolultely certain a minor issue does not turn into a major issue.  Feel free to copy this page and post it in a convenient place within your home with easy access.



  • Main cut off valve

  • Outside cut off (front)

  • Outside cut off (rear)

  • Clothes Washer

  • Dishwasher

Electrical Power

  • Main cut off/panel box

  • Ground fault circuit interrupter

  • Furnace shut-off 


  • Main supply cut-off

  • Furnace cut-off


  • Supply line cut-off

  • Furnace cut-off

If you have any questions or have any other important tips to add, please use the comment section or call us at 513.766.3878 or email The Meadows Team.