Homes Below the 37th Parallel Most Likely to Have “Underwater” MortgagesJanuary 8, 2010Today’s presence of underwater mortgages, or homes with negative equity, seem to be correlated to two common regional U.S. population trends: 1) domestic immigration from the Northeastern region to the South and Southwestern regions of the U.S., and 2) migration from coastal California inland.During housing’s recent boom/bust years, an association has developed between slow growth-positive home equity markets and high growth-negative equity markets. Those markets that are well established and that have reached a stable population tend to be doing well when it comes to the home piggy bank. And those markets that have been a destination for millions of new homeowners have been left underwater. Generally speaking, the 37th parallel acts as the line of demarcation between the positive equity metros (north) and the negative equity metros (south). This parallel is located at approximately the border of Virginia and North Carolina or Utah and Arizona.For more information and a view of the map of the USA to see exactly where the most underwater mortgages are see the link below. http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/consumer/homes-below-the-37th-parallel-most-likely-to-have-underwater-mortgages/