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Useful tips on how to renew your carpet's allergen filtering qualities.

While it is impossible to argue that carpets provide more surface area to collect household particles, it is actually this quality that allows it to act like a filter. Using gravity to collect allergens from the air, carpets natuarally trap them in their fibers. The most important aspect of any filter however, is keeping it clean, continually removing particles from its fibers to make more room for more debris to be collected. Here are some basic steps to effectively accomplish this task:
Vacuum Frequently and use the Right Technique.
Vacuuming is the first line of defense against accumulation of allergens in your carpet. It should be done twice a week for moderately used rooms, and three times a week for high traffic areas. The proper technique is also critical. Be sure to use slow, back and forth movements in a continually overlapping pattern. Remaining in a single spot too long can actually grind soil in the carpet.
Use the Right Vacuum.
The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has developed comprehensive guidelines for effective vacuums. See how yours compares at
Clean from the Top Down
Before vacuuming be sure to clean and dust surfaces above the rug first.
Deep Cleaning
It is recommended that you use a deep carpet cleaning device, such as a carpet steamer at least once a year. Dirt that is unavoidably ground into the carpet pad has to be removed. This is also where most of the mold and dust mite allergens reside.
Wet isn't Good
It is very important that when you deep clean your carpet that you don't get it too wet. Leaving moisture in the carpet pad can lead to rapid mold and mildew formation, quickly nullifying the cleaning you intended. Professional services are usually much better because of this. 
If your carpet that is relatively new compared to the age of the house, holds all these potentially dangerous particles, imagine what is lurking in the ductwork which historically has hardly ever been cleaned if ever! Time to get it cleaned, remove all the dust, pet hair, dead animals etc. and breath easier!
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