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Tax Help for Cincinnati Rehabbers and Homebuyers

Are you considering a home purchase in the City of Cincinnati?

Ready to fix up your current house? The City of Cincinnati wants YOU, and they're offering property tax relief to show it!

The City of Cincinnati's Department of Neighborhood Services Tax Abatement Program stimulates revitalization, retains residents, and attracts homeowners.

The program provides a benefit for residents who improve their homes and encourages home shoppers to buy in the City of Cincinnati.

Any homeowner in the city may be eligible for property tax abatement. Homes that need repair may receive tax abatement for ten years.

Improvements made to your property resulting in an increased property valuation qualify for tax abatement. The owner of a home that gains value because of remodeling or substancial improvement is not charged the extra property tax for a period of ten years. The home must be either a one or two unit residential structure.

For example, if the owner of a $75,000 home makes $25,000 in improvements, the owner is only responsible based on the home's original value for a period of ten years.

Any increase or decrease in taxes during the ten year period will be due to voted changes in tax rates, or state-mandated reappraisals or updates reflecting neighborhood trends, not including the improvement.

The City also offers new construction abatement incentives in certain areas of the City of Cincinnati as an incentive to build a new home.

Evidence of remodeling expenses and building permits must be provided with the application. A description of items required for documentation are listed below:

  1. A copy of the property's recent tax bill
  2. Copies of the closed Building Permit(s) and/or the Certificate of Occupancy issued for the work claimed
  3. Evidence of the expenditures associated with the completed work. Two acceptable exampes are:
    • The budget page of the construction contract along with the documentation of the final draw payments
    • A notarized affidavit identifiying the general categories of the work completed and each category's expense

Here is the City of Cincinnati Residential Tax Abatement Information page

If you have any questions, please email The Meadows Team, or call us at 513.766.3878 for more specific information.  For an application, Call the City of Cincinnati, Department of Neighborhood Services at 513-352-5352.

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