Cincinnati city or suburb first Impressions Start Outside Your Home!

Selling your home? Start with the outside. First impressions can be the difference between selling your house for a good price soon after it goes on the market or waiting and waiting and finally caving in to a low offer.

Maybe you can't judge a book by its cover, but jacket art and binding quality can certanly influence your decision to pick up a book and buy it. The same principle applies to homes for sale.

Radical rehabs to create value

In this market where you have to be perceived as the best value, it may be the best time to make some radical changes.  Here are a few ideas:

Raise the roof - Especially if you have a ranch style home, raising the ceiling in the living room to the pitch of the roof may seem like a huge cost but in most cases it is actually very reasonable and makes a huge difference to feeling of space. You could also do this in the master bedroom!

It's 2008, Is It a Better Market Yet in Cincinnati?

Well it is 2008, but is it a new real estate market in Cincinnati?

The fact is that the market is continually shifting. One sunny weekend it feels like a new market, like the old days when buyers actually wanted to buy. And then it's a grey week, cold, hot and humid, rainy and the buyers are nowhere to be found, or they are just sitting out there waiting, for what? - we don't know. So is this weather related? We don't know, we wish we did. Cold rainy, hot and humid, we could all stay home and wait! My guess is that it is in some way weather related. Sunny weekends and people are envigorated and they go out excited and ready to build a new nest! And if they do jump in it is only with caution, lots of caution.

Home Maintenance Checklist

Here's a guide to your Home's Maintenance:
  • Clean the gutters valleys and make sure the downspouts are running freely.
  • Remove ivy from house: it's a termite conduit and destroys th
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