Getting Cincinnati Homes Ready for Winter

It's Fall now, and winter is just around the corner, so here is your Winter To Do List.  You need to get busy!

Termites and Your Home

According to the National Pest Management Foundation, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage per year in the United States.  However, most homeowners don't realize how much damage termites can cause.  Homeowners don't normally notice them until the damage is done, and lots of it.

New Buyer Technology Unveiled - VoicePad Now Available

We're so excited to share our new technology with you.  At the end of September, VoicePad was unveiled in Cincinnati.  VoicePad is a great, new service that allows YOU the buyer to find out all the MLS information about any property you'd like all from ONE PHONE NUMBER!

Mold Issues for Buyers are Mold Issues for Lenders!

Now that the lenders are becoming much more picky about who they lend to, they are also becoming much more picky about the house that will be their collateral.


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